raftul filosofului, Edward Said “Orientalism”

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IOrientalism, Edward Saïd says that all discourse, especially cultural discourse, is inherently ideological, and therefore, regardless of the subject, historical discourse occurs in a given ideological structure. Orientalism, especially the academic study of, and discourse, political and literary, about the ArabsIslam, and the Middle East that primarily originated in EnglandFrance, and then the United States actually creates (rather than examines or describes) a divide between the East and the West. The book’s examples situate the West as culturally superior to the East. This “Western superiority” became politically useful when France and Britain conquered and colonised “Eastern/Oriental” countries such as EgyptIndiaAlgeria and others.

The discourse surrounding these countries is coded, Said says, by a superiority that is not necessarily reflected in the realities of the concerned countries. When people in the West attempt to study the East they typically do so within this already coded discourse. Therefore, Said says, the study of someplace called the “Orient” and of some people known as “Arabs” fails to take into account the reality of the area as being the same place as the West (i.e., part of the Earth). Other countries and other people are not seen as the same within Oriental discourse, however, and therefore a study of these “others” must inherently be one of studying an inferior culture when Oriental discourse is used to describe them.

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  1. Cartea dată e bună prin faptul că a formulat direct o ipoteză greşită care bîntuia mediul academic, a fost aspru criticată şi refutată şi a tăiat astfel o creangă uscată din corola de minuni a lumii 🙂


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